Would you like to be part of our IPP Coaching Program?

Novas have both the knowledge and the skills required to teach other members all that they have learned throughout their career, would you like to join this journey?
Teach other Novas what you already have learnt


  • Why would I become a Case Coach?

    There are many perks of being part of this program: Help a Nova land their dream job in a flexible format that adapts to your schedule. Source new candidates for your firm. Form strong bonds and connections with top talented potential young professionals. Improve your soft and hard skills by becoming an experienced interviewer. Earn an additional source of income (40EUR per one-hour session) while helping others succeed.

  • What am I required to do?

    Let the Nova Team what slots suit you better. Perform 1:1 mock interviews of one hour with Nova Members who are preparing to get into your industry sector. Share your learnings and give feedback and advice to the student so he/she can ace the selection process

  • Do I qualify to become a coach?

    If you have practical experience and knowledge in the selection process, you are passionate and a great communicator, and you enjoy discussing we want to hear from you!

    You are the perfect Coach if you... have at least 2/3 years of experience in the field. Like to help others succeed. Enjoy giving feedback and reasoning your arguments. Be challenged and challenge others to help them reach their maximum potential.

  • Why is it so unique?

    Engage in a dynamic, flexible, and practical learning environment with a culturally diverse student base. Easy and friendly workplace experience.