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Interview Preparation programs

  • Product Management Preparation Program

    Do you want to ace your PM interview and land your dream job? Nova´s PM interview preparation program will give you expert advice from top Novas, mock interviews, and much more! Learn more

  • Investment Banking Preparation Program

    Is Investment Banking your dreamt career? Do you want to ace the selection process? With this comprehensive program you will discover the insights of the process and how to adequately prepare with the help of a Nova. Learn more

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Soft skills courses

  • B2B Sales

    Launch or accelerate your career in B2B Tech Sales with the guidance of the best experts. A unique program to increase the performance of your sales and close many deals. Understand how to stand out from the crowd and attract customers. Get ready to be tested, taught, and transformed. Being able to "get to yes" is a huge life skill. Learn more

  • Leadership

    Leading both public and private institutions is crucial. Get inspired, learn from others and get your hands dirty in practical situations. Leadership cannot be studied but it can be trained. Only our society leaders will say where do we go next Coming soon

Hard skills courses

  • Digital Marketing

    Through this live course, you will learn the most in-demand digital marketing skills, with hands-on experience, and using the latest tools and techniques to boost your marketing impact across platforms. Are you ready to unleash its power? Learn more

  • Entrepreneurship | Raise Capital for your Startup

    A hands-on, very practical Nova Course in which you will learn how to scale your startup/winning idea and raise funds with the guidance of co-founders and experts who have raised > 1million Learn more

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Learn how artificial intelligence can help you or your company take your business to the next level. A practical introduction to best practices with actionable use cases to boost your performance. Learn more

  • Corporate Finance for Non-finance People

    Dive into how corporations address funding sources, capital structuring, and investment decisions in this five-week course taught by experts from Nova. Learn the basic financial concepts and calculations. Learn more

  • Private Equity and LBO Modelling

    If you would like to become a better PE professional or learn how to build an LBO model this course is for you! Not only the academic basics to master the processes but a hands-on program by an experienced PE professional. Learn more

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