Would you like to be our next teacher?

Novas have both the knowledge and the skills required to teach other members all that they have learned throughout their career, would you like to join this journey?
Teach other Novas what you already have learnt


  • Why would I become a teacher in Nebula by Nova?

    It is a great opportunity to form strong bonds and connections with (and teach to) top talented, outstanding young professionals with a promising career ahead taking your personal brand to the next level. It is also a great opportunity to build leadership & communication skills and to give back to society.

  • What are the perks for being a teacher?

    Attractive economic conditions structured around both fixed and variable incentives, with additional benefits (i.e. belonging to a quarterly trusted peer advisory board with other Novas with your same interests). Detailed economic conditions

  • What am I required to do?

    Co-create top-quality content for your lessons (with the support of Nova). Teach 15h of live classes during 5 consecutive weeks (3 hours/session). Evaluate practical exercises, and organize networking sessions. But don't worry, we will have an online training session where you will learn how we will work together to bring your Nova Course to life.

  • Why is it so unique?

    Engage in a dynamic, flexible, and practical learning environment with a culturally diverse student base. Easy and friendly workplace experience.

  • Do I qualify to become a teacher?

    If you have practical and vast experience and knowledge in the topic that you will be teaching, you are passionate about the topic and a great communicator, and you enjoy discussing the topic and sharing your experience with talented people who will challenge you and push you to the next level, we want to hear from you!